Feb 24, 2016

Canada's Sr. Men's National Water Polo Team

Let’s Celebrate & Support Canada’s Sr. Men’s National Water Polo Team as they compete in Italy for a change to represent Canada at the Olympic Games in Rio!

As the home to the National Training Centre for Canada’s Sr. Men’s National Water Polo Team, Talisman Centre is excited to help support the team as they gear up for a major international competition in Italy from April 3-10, 2016.  This event is the Olympic Qualifier where they will compete against other international teams, mostly European teams to obtain 1 of 3 remaining positions at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. 

April 2016

To support the training needs of the National Team this will be a greater team effort from March 2- 17, 2016, before they depart for a training camp in Greece.  For part of this time, their new Head Coach, Giuseppe Porzio “Pino”, will also be on-site with the team for the first time since joining Water Polo Canada earlier this year. 

About Pino from Water Polo Canada – “Either as a player or as coach, Giuseppe Porzio has an undeniable and enviable track record, having earned over forty titles at major water polo events since the 1980’s. His long list of accomplishments includes an Olympic gold medal (Barcelona 1992) and numerous podium results at World Cup, European Championships, FINA World Championships, Mediterranean Games, Champions League, European Super Cup, Adriatic League and Italian Championships”.

To support the men’s team our programs and public are altering their regular spaces to allow the National Team to practice at the regulated FINA International pool set up of 8 lanes at 30m.  Training at anything other than 30m leading up to a major competition can cause athletes to not be as effective at their desired outcomes during the competition.  As a result:
·         On Wednesday March 2, 9, 16 Talisman Centre programs will be running at 17m during these evenings;
·         Public will maintain 100m of pool space in the format of reduced lane length in the Dive Tank for 1 hour.  

We thank everyone for their support over the 2.5 week period as the guys train hard to take on the world in Italy. 

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